Meet The Owner and Creator of Kenyan Cafe Hot Sauce


Wild Kenyan Hot Sauce

Kenyan Hot Sauce Is the best spice product that has hit the United States Market!  We started our business in 2009, and we are very proud of our success. It is currently being sold in 51 whole food stores. We are in 15 market districts in Ohio and Pennsylvania. We are in 7 states across the Mid Atlantic area. You can find us in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Kentucky, Ohio, Pensylvania, Maryland, New Jersy, Virginia, and DC. Questions? Give us a call today, we would love to hear from you, 304-598-3044!

Our Kenyan Product originated with a Kenyan Secret Recipe. It is a flavorful master piece with a tangy taste that allows you to add to your meal with a fantastic flavor and perfect heat. Our Recipe originally started in the villages of Kisii, Kenyan! Our Kenyan Cafe Customers kept coming back to tell us " we need this tasty Hot Sauce in the stores".


Humans have used chili peppers and other hot spices for thousands of years. Inhabitants of Mexico, Central America and South America had chili peppers more than 6,000 years ago. Within decades of contact with Spain and Portugal in the 16th century, the American plant was carried across Europe and into Africa and Asia, and altered through selective breeding.[1] One of the first commercially available bottled hot sauces in America appeared in 1807 in Massachusetts.[2] However, of the early brands in the 1800s, few survive to this day. Tabasco sauce is the earliest recognizable brand in the United States hot sauce industry, appearing in 1868. As of 2010, it was the number 13 best-selling seasoning in the United States[3] preceded by Frank's Red Hot Sauce in 12th place, which was the sauce first concocted and used with the creation of Buffalo wings.[4]

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